PRP Orthopedic Injections in Canal Winchester OH

Dr. Sophia Beynen Columbus Ohio PRP Doctor
Sophia Beynen, M.D.

Franklin County PRP Orthopedic Injections Doctor Sophia Beynen, M.D. utilizes her extensive experience and medical training to be able to offer the newest in natural, effective treatments, including Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy. PRP has the ability to reduce pain, heal traumatic injuries, rebuild cartilage, and reduce inflammation.

Dr. Beynen takes platelets from the patients’ body and injects them back into the troubled areas to stimulate the production of stem cells, allowing for regeneration and regrowth of damaged tissues. Patients suffering from a wide variety of ailments have been able to greatly improve their overall quality of life with this advanced therapy.

Benefits of PRP for Orthopedics

PRP orthopedic treatments provide men and women with many unique benefits that other therapies do not. Some advantages of Platelet Rich Plasma injections include:

  • Accelerated Healing – With its powerful growth factors, platelet-rich plasma stimulates healing at the site of injection and helps to regenerate tendons, ligaments and fascia.
  • Low Risk – Because the platelets and growth factors are from your own body, there is no risk of allergic reactions, infections or rejection of the PRP.
  • No Down Time – While surgery is sometimes necessary, it can require quite a bit of downtime. If surgery isn’t necessary to treat your injury, PRP treatment can be performed in under an hour. Plus, you’ll be able to get back to training much more quickly.
  • Painless – Aside from a small amount of pressure at the injection site, most patients say that platelet-rich plasma treatment is totally painless.
  • Pain-Relieving – As your PRP treatment works to restore soft tissues, it can relieve pain caused by overuse, scar tissue, injuries and even recent surgery. Many patients eliminate or reduce their reliance on painkillers through PRP treatments.

Dr. Beynen has helped countless patients overcome and improve various orthopedic ailments and conditions and she can help you determine how PRP may help you overcome your injuries.

Call Franklin County PRP Orthopedic Injections Doctor Sophia Beynen, M.D. at Buckeye Physical Medicine & Rehab today to schedule an appointment and learn how PRP Therapy may help you heal naturally!